Coach Kofi gives tips: Faster jog with the 25-minute Workout for runners

For this intense lower body workout you only need 25 minutes of your time. You can do it at home, in the Studio or outside using a Park bench imitate.

Other Equipment you don’t need it, but something ready to Drink, coach Kofi came in to this Workout quite a sweat.

Strength training for runners

Endurance fans should, for once, loading the week, a supplemental strength training, advises Kofi.

So you not only new stimuli and strengthen the through the Run constantly want leg muscles but also fatigue faster cast, and minimize the risk of injury.

With the Exercises you train the commencement in addition, the stronger, and therefore they represent an optimal preparation for your next Run.

Stretching as an important groundwork

In addition to the legs of the other main player in this workout is the hip.

For an effective running workout, it is important not to let the Stretching out, and so Kofi starts this Lower Body unit with Exercises that loosen the muscles.

When Stretching, but also in many of the Exercises, is the Position of the pelvis is crucial. In the Video Coach, Kofi explains how to you need to the pelvis slightly tilt it back to the Exercise to perform correctly and not to fall into a hollow back.

The loosening of the hip joint as a major preparatory work for run training, Kofi makes it easy to swing and rotation.

Three passages invigorating exercises lower body

The Workout includes five Exercises, interrupted by 30 seconds of rest. You’ll complete a total of three passages and do ten reps per side per Exercise.

1. Exercise: High Knees

Use for this Exercise, a Park bench. The right leg rests on the seat surface. Switch now with a jump the the left foot is feet, so that the Bank and the rights to the ground.

Repeat the exchange, a total of 20 Times, so that each foot was ten times on the bench. Take the arms out for Balance and momentum.

The break is not significant, even after this first Exercise. It is important to be able to power fully in the next Exercise to start.

2. Exercise: Single Leg Plyo Step-Ups

The starting position is the same as the High Knees. This time, you focus but first one side and then on the other.

Trust you with the bottom of the leg from the floor so that you’re standing on one leg on the bench, is attracted to the other leg. Be sure to wiggle as little as possible.

Kofi shows a second variant for the Advanced. Here, you pick up the foot on the bench easily.

3. Exercise: Single Leg Glute Bridge

You for this Exercise in the supine position on the floor. The right leg is drawn up, the left stretched out, the diagonally opposite arms behave the same way as the legs.

The hip press explosive to the top for the unilateral Glute Bridge, pull the elbows mitz and keep the top short the voltage.

4. Exercise: High Knee to Walking lung

This time, the High Knees are done slowly and without a Park bench. You’re so on the floor and pull the knees close to the chest.

Here, you can include it with two hands, but watch out for the balance. From this Position, slowly and controlled in the default step.

The leg is fixed, the other will be used in the next iteration for the High Knee to the chest. Take the diagonal of the arm swing.

5. Exercise: Wall Acceleration Drill

For this Exercise, a Resistance Loop Band can be used. In any case, you need a wall or a tree for Support.

The hands are supported at shoulder height against the wall. A leg is a waist-high used for the torso, the other stands firmly on the ground. In a quick but controlled movement, the legs change Position.

The pre-tipped hips, this Exercise is particularly important, make sure to never fall into a hollow back.

For more Workout Videos visit the FIT FOR FUN YouTube Channel. There trained trainer to show effective Exercises for all the muscle groups.

Kimberly Papenthin

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