Caution, Danger Of Suffocation!: Recall of potato salad at Edeka and Marktkauf

For reasons of preventive consumer protection, the company Füngers feinkost GmbH &amp calls; Co. KG your “farmers-potato salad with wild smoked belly bacon” back.

The affected product was mainly offered at Edeka and Marktkauf for sale.

It is not excluded that in the product of colorless plastic is a foreign body.

This product is affected by the recall

The dangerous plastic foreign body were in the 400-gram Cup of “farmers-Kartoffelsalat" the brand GUT&CONVENIENTLY located in the established.

Affected is only a commodity with the on the edge of the lid being printed with the date of minimum durability 06.11.19.

The company assured in a message, and that other shelf-life data, and other items are not affected by the recall.

Products can lead to injuries

Of a consumption of the affected product is not recommended, according to the company, strongly – identified foreign body can serious injury in the mouth and throat, as well as to cause internal injuries or bleeding.

In addition, the risk of suffocation can not be excluded.

The purchase price will be refunded, without proof of

The concerned trading companies have immediately responded, and for reasons of preventive consumer protection, the product as a precautionary measure, out of the sale.

Consumers who have purchased an affected product, you can type in any store and get one without this receipt, your money back ersttattet.

Consumer queries answered by the customer service phone number 04191/501229 or by E-Mail at [email protected].

Antonia Hagedorn

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