Between sports and dates: As a fitness trained instructor?

To maintain regular Workouts, a balanced diet, get enough sleep – the body fit, all of these aspects are important.

To find the Balance between leisure and work, many people is not always easy. But what about a fitness instructor that drives a professional a lot of sports?

In an Interview with FIT FOR FUN fitness trainer and Adidas athlete Kaya Renz tells how she rates holds between appointments and Online fit and your body in this permanent load can be optimally supported.

A life full of movement

Your way to the Sport, Kaya was already at the age of five. Then she started together with her best friend, to dance the ballet.

This is a passion you are not accompanied during their entire youth, until she was finally 18 years old, enough time for the training sessions.

Instead, they soon put on soothing Yoga Sessions and discover early 20’s functional as well as TRX Training for themselves.

These Workouts Kaya accompany a varied program with Cardio, strength and Mobility, may it be so.

“That’s why the TRX is perfect for me,” she explains. “I can train all of these elements to the bands and the Workout to my Level adjust.”

Every week looks different

A strict workout plan you follow, however. “Every week is for me completely different because I have to plan my stay, places of interest and bookings around,” explains Kaya.

“Fortunately, my reservations are linked but always with Training – so in front of the camera sports. On the day a hook on it then most of the time.”

Thanks to the variety of the units will also never get bored – after all, they trained almost every day. “But it can also be just 20 minutes shallow movement. The much brings me totally!”

Kaya’s tip for a good Start to the day: “A round of Yoga, in the Mobility to come in.”

The body has earned breaks

If it should happen that Kaya finds no time for sports, is for the power woman is also completely okay.

“The muscles need this rest phase, finally, to regenerate – it does the body very well.”

More than a day without movement Kaya can’t stand it. “At the latest, the next Morning I feel a real urge to move. Then the day has to be full with Sport.”

In very rare cases, it may even happen that she has no need of a sports unit.

“If that’s the case, I do not begrudge peace to me then, but also the day, because I don’t have the feeling that my body needs the movement,” reports Kaya.

“Or I’ll ask my friend or a girlfriend, whether you go for a run with me. This is often the best Motivation.” Then the worst part, the Run was done, even as good as.

The muscles through food support

In addition to the varied sports programme, a balanced diet is Kaya, of course, on the days plan.

“Whether top athletes or Amateur athletes – without the appropriate diet for the workout plan you do not or at least only comes much more slowly to the target.”

It refers to an old basic rule: 30% sports, 70% of the diet.

“On days where I am eating not specifically, I feel completely different,” she explains. “That’s why I eat very consciously.”

The signals of the body hear

Kaya has no specific diet plan, and tracks no nutrients or calories, but in the meantime, she has developed a sense of what your body is doing well.

“For me, that means that I’m going to run on the days where I, a lot of Carbs to eat because I need energy!”

Add plenty of proteins through whole meals, or a Shake after the Workout, when it needs to go quickly.

“For Snacks, I take everything that gives me energy.” This means: bananas, nuts, Butter, or protein bars.

“I would also never start a day without Breakfast,” says Kaya. “I just need Power and a lot of nutrients.”

At the beginning small goals

Kayas tip to all, just want to start with Sport, starting with small goals and slowly begin.

“If you want to from the beginning too much, the brakes are applied often by strong muscles. Or you get hurt quickly and then has no more desire.”

Unrealistic goals can make the Motivation to naught if these are not reached directly.

“It must not always be a sick Workout – it will do 20 minutes of Sport a day to only once get in and to accustom the body to the load,” says Kaya.

Then the duration and frequency of the Workouts can be slowly increased.

“I would also look for a training Buddy, so you go to the second this way. This can help especially in the beginning, of the often difficult,” she advises.

“As soon as you see, with time, success, is, of course, easier.”

Cornelia Bertram

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