After separation: do Germans want to take revenge on Ex-Partner

“Revenge is sweet”. A saying that everyone probably already has – but that does not mean that everyone can live out his desire for revenge also.

A new survey of the Online confirmed, at least, Dating Agency Parship:1000 people surveyed Parship and almost three-quarters of them have been avenged, according to the Numbers after a relationship end, yet never to your Ex-Partner.

Nearly half (46 percent) estimated that they would regret this step later.

Without a little none Bit of Schadenfreude, it’s not but but. According to the Motto “Be your better self” would want to show the New Singles the Ex-Partner, how much better your life is without him.

The truth for most in this, no role in this. Especially the female gender want to get satisfaction about one-third (31 percent) wants to show that she was after the separation really showed up than before, and comes to provocative clothing, or drives more sports.

Who forges out plans of revenge?

Revenge plays more with the younger Generation a role. With increasing age, the Racheglüste take off again.

During the 18 – play to 29-Year-old with the idea of revenge, it is in the 55 – to 65-Year-olds by as much as 74 percent, which can well do without it.

In the methods, there is a consensus against it. Among the absolute No-Gos of the revenge plans the publication of embarrassing photographs, or the circulation of false rumors.

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Parship psychologist and couple consultant Markus Ernst explained: “After a breakup or a fling of pain is often deep and you would like to settle up with the Ex-Partner. There’s no question that revenge might lead at first to a feeling of satisfaction and ability to act, and in the short term, the battered self-esteem good. At the same time one should always be aware that it is not a destructive behavior, which brings itself in the long run and lead at the end is often a sense of remorse.“

Stefanie Naumann

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