5 Top Trainers Share Their Tips For Boosting Athletic Performance

If anyone knows the importance of recovery in upping your athletic game, it’s a personal trainer. So, we hit up five of Australia’s best for their top tips on how to take your performance to the next lev. You’re welcome.  

Andrew Pap: Founder of Battle Fit Australia

Fourth addition to my SKINS training series. Always eager to work on my weaknesses and to eventually make them my strengths. . This session requires minimal equipment but an advance level of strength. So feel free to scale accordingly but follow the format. . Warm Up – dynamic movements/muscle activation . Component One, 20 EMOM . odd minute – 10 burpee pull ups (chest to ground/chin over bar) . even minute – 10 push up to L sit . . Component Two. Plank Complex (30sec intervals) . False Planche. Prone Y Extension. Hollow Rock. Right Side Plank. Left Side Plank. Rest 60 seconds. 5 Rounds. . Cooldown – Stretch . #SKINSSeries #RiseUP #SKINS #SKINSornothing #bestincompression #workout #training #burpees #workoutwednesday

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Ben Lucas: Owner of Flow Athletic

I personally like to schedule 1-2 active recovery sessions in per week as while they still allow you to move your body. They are also great for restoring balance and reducing the tightness/inflammation from the harder sessions that you have achieved through the week.

A few ways that I like to actively recover include participating in a yin yoga class, or doing some light swimming or even kick boarding if you find swimming laps to be tough. 

Whipping through the weekend like..

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I also love to go to my local floatation tank, in which you float in a tank that is filled with a dense Epson salt-water solution. It is a highly effective way of relaxing and relieving stress, and I for one and obsessed with it.

Benefits include increased energy, a boost to the immune system, reduced lactic acid levels and it also aid facilitated rest. Furthermore, Epsom salts are a magnesium and sulfate which act as a muscle relaxant and protein builder for your joints, so while you are decompressing, your body is also absorbing the minerals directly into your muscles whilst you float.

Tegan Haining: Celebrity trainer and author of 7-Day Quickie

Making sure to replenish my fuel tank after a workout with protein and simple carbohydrates to boost energy levels, reduce cortisol and maximise lean muscle development. My favourite go-to is a berry smoothie with protein and coconut milk or water and lots of ice!

Friday Feels? ?? . How often do u incorporate stretching into your weekly workout regime? . . Fascial Stretch Therapy is an innovative alternate to yoga,a method of stretching out the whole body. Taking time to release triggerpoints or tight spots is essential to enable your body to move more freely and maximize power generated through your muscular system. . . The 7 Day Quickie includes two days where I don’t allow you to do anything but stretch! This is so you start to get into the habit of incorporating stretching into your weekly routine. If you want to maintain a healthy body in your 60’s – make sure you don’t skip this vital part of fitness . . Pre-order the #7DayQuickie today from @Booktopia or the eBook of the #7DayQuickie today from @iBooks http://apple.co/2zEJSel . . #instafit #fitnessmotivation #cardio #shredded #gymlife #fitspiration #beachlife #flashesofdelight #thecreative #ig_masterpiece #beachvibes #seeaustralia #exploreaustralia #australiagram #ilovesydney #ig_australia #cityofsydney #7dayquickie #teganhaining #teganhainingpt #nike #fitmumsofig #fitmums #fitmoms

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Victoria Burdon: Trainer at 98 Gyms

Rest: the value of rest these days is very underrated. A common misconception is that training harder and more often is how you get fitter and stronger, which is not necessarily the truth. Your body needs the rest to make changes. I can’t stress this enough- your body doesn’t get stronger during a workout, it becomes stronger once your body recovers from a workout. Not only do you need to get adequate Z’s at night (ideally 8 hours) but take a rest day or two throughout the week to give your body the time to heal itself from the inflammation and muscle damage from training. Keep moving but eat well and rehydrate on your rest days to fuel your body properly so you can make the most of your time training.

Don’t overdo it: less is more. If you can hit a couple great workouts with an A+ effort, you will benefit more from it than if you’re killing yourself twice a day every day with a half-assed effort just to burn the calories. Focus on your goals and understand how each session is getting you closer to achieving them. When your body doesn’t feel great, there’s no harm in subbing in an active recovery day. 

Renee Scott: Founder of Barre Attack

Incorporating Pilates or Barre Attack into your workout routine will improve your quality and quantity of training sessions. The exercises are designed to stretch and lengthen the body, increasing blood flow, mobility and improving flexibility. The low-impact but high-intensity workout will also build your muscle strength and stability, which will assist with injury prevention.

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