Wet n Wild Is Launching a Super-Shimmery Zodiac Makeup Collection

Astrology is truly having a moment. OK, so it's been having a moment for, like, thousands of years, but if astrology could read its own horoscope, it would see that 2018 would be a major year for it in terms of both trendiness and beauty. In addition to seemingly all of your friends following astrology Instagram accounts and sharing their hilariously relatable memes (there really is fine line between feeling seen and feeling attacked), a number of beauty brands have recently dabbled in the zodiac with makeup inspired by its charts and signs, like Bite Beauty's Astrology Lipstick and BH Cosmetics' Zodiac Palette. And now, Wet n Wild is coming out with an entire Zodiac Collection full of shimmery products that celebrate the mystical side of celestial bodies.

Both the Color Icon Eyeshadow and Mega Glo Highlighting Bar come in four variants to represent the classical elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Within each of the Color Icon Eyeshadow compacts are six highly pigmented, metallic colors inspired by its respective element — Fire, for example, features shades of coral and pink — all of which promise to glide on easily and stay for hours. The silky Mega Glo Highlighting Bars can be applied wet or dry for different strobing intensities. And while the Air, Earth, and Fire shades are everyday-wearable tones of champagne and pink, the Water shade is, true to its muse, an incredible shade of blue.

Color Icon Lip Gloss comes in 12 shades and are, as you may expect, named for each of the Western zodiac signs. Aries is a super-dark wine, Taurus is a bubblegum pink with golden sparkles, Gemini is a shimmering beige, Cancer is an iridescent almost-white, Leo is a sparkly peach, Virgo is a twinkling mauve-y brown, Libra is a luminescent pale pink, Scorpio is a purple with blue shimmer, Sagittarius is a berry with multicolored sparkles, Capricorn is a reflective and warm red, Aquarius is a pale peach with subtle golden flecks, and Pisces is brilliant light lilac. The entire Zodiac Collection is cruelty-free, but nine of the 12 shades are also vegan.

The one shade of Mega Glo Loose Highlighting Powder, Written in the Stars, contains iridescent pearls that are perfect for building up a glow on both face and body. The packaging pays tribute to all 12 signs, making it an easy pick for everyone — though we wouldn't blame you if you're drawn to one of the eye shadow or lip gloss shades that aren't named for your sign.

Ranging from $3 to $7, the Wet n Wild Zodiac collection will launch on walmart.com and wetnwildbeauty.com on July 17, and it will hit Walmart stores on August 1.

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