Nyx Is Launching a New Full-Coverage Foundation in 45 Shades

It may seem like the number 40 is having a major moment in the makeup industry, with brand after brand launching (or expanding to) 40 foundation shades. But for NYX Professional Makeup, two other numbers are more important: 45 and 24. That's because the new foundation it's launching next month, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Coverage Foundation, has an impressive 45 shades that promise to stay true for up to 24 hours.

Nyx worked with beauty influencers not only for the upcoming Can't Stop Won't Stop campaign, but on the foundation itself. "The main thing I did was help develop shades," says YouTube beauty vlogger Alissa Ashley, who had the opportunity to go to the brand's lab. "We noticed that a lot of in-between shades were missing. Nyx already has an amazing shade range to begin with, but even though it was good, it could still be improved by adding some middle or in-between shades. For example, I’m someone who has to constantly mix different shades to match my skin tone. When developing this new range, we found that if we mixed two together or tweaked it by adding a slight undertone, we could get those in-between shades."

So instead of leaving it up to customers to mix those in-between shades, Nyx created them itself. In fact, while each shade has both a numeric and a descriptive name — for example, 18 Deep Sable — nearly half the shades have decimals, indicating subtle variations in undertones. Alissa Ashley herself uses shade 15.9 Warm Honey, a medium tan with caramel undertones.

The nuanced shade range isn't the only thing about Can't Stop Won't Stop that makes it stand out. For a full-coverage, long-lasting foundation, it's also unusually lightweight. "With most full-coverage foundations, sometimes I feel like there’s not a lot of wiggle room. They only give you the option of really full coverage, but with this, you can layer it for either a natural or glam look." Alissa Ashley tells Allure. "With Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, I find that if I put a thin layer on, I’m still able to get a really flawless look. If I put on a second layer, I’m able to get even more, full coverage with up to 24 hours of wear as an added bonus."

Waterproof, highly pigmented, mattifying, and noncomedogenic, Can't Stop Won't Stop Full Coverage Foundation has one more important number: 15. That's how many dollars it will cost when it launches at nyxcosmetics.com and Nyx stores on August 16, as well as at Ulta. If you save a dollar a day for the next month, you'll have enough to buy both your perfect shade and the new Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Matte Primer (above) also launching that day.

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