Lush Is Launching 40 Shades of Foundation — But There's a Catch

To many, three is a magic number: It's the Christian trinity; a Schoolhouse Rock song; and it's the rule of tragic deaths. In beauty, however, it seems the magic number is 40. Smashbox recently announced an expansion to 40 shades of its foundation; Tarte increased its line to 40 shades; Flesh Beauty and Dior Backstage both launched with 40 shades. Make Up For Ever has had 40 shades this whole time. But Fenty Beauty, as we all know, is the 40-foundation brand. And, starting on Friday, Lush will join the ranks of inclusive beauty brands with its own 40 shades.

According to beauty oracle Trendmood, Lush is planning to launch 40 shades of foundation with "buildable, medium coverage. Made with luxurious oils and waxes to give your skin that dewy post-facial glow. In warm, cool, and neutral undertones." The solid foundation looks almost like a Beautyblender without the middle man, and like its compatriots, the range separates shades by undertones, which means the colors are more likely to be an exact match for your skin tone. However, the new range is expected to hit stores in the U.K. this Friday — but North America will have to wait a little longer before we can get our hands on it (and get it on our faces).

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The number 40 is on its way to becoming the minimum number of acceptable foundation shades, and that's something to celebrate considering people of color now so many more brands to choose from that white customers have enjoyed for a long, long time. But inclusivity is more than a trend or a business strategy — capitalism has finally proven to beauty brands that it's worth the time to serve more of the population. We just wish it happened sooner.

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