Kat Von D Is Launching THREE New Liquid Eyeliners With Very Different Purposes

Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner is already beloved amongst cat-eye (or kat-eye, as she refers to it) lovers. The fan-favorite liquid liner was introduced a full 10 years ago, and it's been known to stay put through tears, pools, and even a car accident with a subsequent trip the emergency room. This summer, Kat Von D has announced she's expanding the range with three new "little sisters" for her Tattoo Liner: Lash Liner, Dagger Liner, and Ink Well Matte Liner.

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First up is Lash Liner, launching July 20 at Sephora locations, Sephora.com, and KatVonDbeauty.com. The new liner is "your waterline's new must have," according to the brand. It's formulated specifically for the waterline, where tears make it difficult to keep intense pigment all day. According to the brand's website, Lash Liner fixes that problem with a hybrid fluid-gel formula that's designed to stay pigmented from morning until night. It's also formulated to be smudge-proof because we all know Kat Von D wouldn't stand for raccoon eyes. For now, it'll only be available in one shade called Trooper, aka satin black.

Coming in August is Dagger Tattoo Liner, a liner with an angled brush tip that distinguishes it from the finely-pointed brush on the old-school Tattoo Liner. The angled brush tip will help with precise, sharp lines (as will resting your elbow on a counter as you apply your cat- or kat-eye.) The liner itself is the same formula as the beloved Tattoo Liner, so if you like the product but are still struggling when it comes to drawing a straight line, Dagger Liner may be the sister for you. It's also launching in satin black.

And Kat is saving the biggest drop of all for September: Ink Well Matte Liner, a new matte liquid liner inspired by the "antique quill and ink system Kat uses for her calligraphy lettering." It'll come in six shades — cobalt, turquoise, red, burgundy, black, and white.

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With these staggered drops (not to mention her new liquid highlighter launch), Kat Von D might as well just take all our money. At $20 per liner, though, it's totally worth it.

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