Hourglass's New Caution Extreme Lash Mascara Is Like a Lash Lift in a Tube

One of my most irrational fears, besides skinks and jumping off of things, is lash curlers. When I was in middle school, I borrowed my mom's and clamped down on my eyelid, and the experience emotionally scarred me. As a full-grown adult who loves the look of dramatic lashes, I rely on volumizing mascaras and a slightly intense application technique, which can take up to five minutes to complete, to give my fringe a curled look. The brand-new Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara just made avoiding lash curlers even easier for me, though.

After sweeping the brush through my lashes just once, I instantly noticed how they made it look like I knew how to expertly wield a lash curler. On the first coat, the ultra-black formula coated my naturally thin, light lashes so well that they even appeared longer, too. By the second and third coats, my lashes started hitting my eyebrows. Usually, I don't get to that point until a dozen coats into my application process.

My lashes started having such a dramatic curve to them that I wondered if they would look like this if I got a lash lift. Although I've only seen the results after my best friend got one, I'm pretty sure that Hourglass's Caution Extreme Lash Mascara is the closest you can possibly get to a lash lift without making an appointment at a salon or buying one of those sketchy kits advertised on Instagram.

The mascara packs major volume, too. Typically, I recommend letting your mascara dry between coats to bulk up lashes. The Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara doesn't have the right formula for this trick, though. Instead, you have to build up coats of the mascara while it's still wet or your lashes will get clumpy and spidery.

Results aside, the new mascara continues Hourglass's triangular packaging with its popular foundation stick and highlighters. In the case of those products, the unique shape helps the product fit the contours of the face. Having a triangle-shaped handle for the mascara, on the other hand, helps you easily grip the wand so you can really wiggle the bristles between every tiny hair. Honestly, the mascara felt so natural in my hand that I started to wonder why more don't come in a similarly shaped tube. It's much more ergonomic than a cylinder. The golden tube also has a luxe weightiness to it. It makes me feel like a refined woman who isn't afraid of anything, not even strange lizards and painful lash curlers.

Starting July 12, you can try the Hourglass Caution Mascara out for yourself for $29 on Sephora's mobile app and hourglasscosmetics.com.

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