Here’s Your List of the Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2018

What's your Halloween costume this year? I'm torn between Cheryl from Riverdale (to unleash my inner cheerleader bitch) or Tyler Durden from Fight Club (to match my swollen face from a recent rhinoplasty). Neither of my ideas is on 2018's top 10 Halloween costumes according to Google search data, but witch came in at number five, proving that our love for witchcraft and the occult isn't a trend that's disappearing anytime soon.

The number one most Googled costume idea is Fortnite after the popular video game, though I admit I had to Google to figure out what that meant. So what else is our country dressing up as? Here are the top 10 Halloween costumes via Google trends:

As Spider-Man, Harley Quinn, and the generic "superhero" searches show, you can't go wrong by dressing up as a superhero. If you're in need of accessories, check out some of these Halloween makeup bundles or snag a last-minute Harley Quinn wig and break out the baseball bat.

Dressing up as a unicorn is just an excuse to show your magical, quirky soul to the world. If you have the budget and the time, go all out at the salon and use the holiday as an excuse to debut unicorn hair. Or if something temporary and less expensive is more your speed, snag a unicorn hair wig.

For all my witches, since magical powers come in all styles and genders, you may not even need to dress up much this October 31. To rock the classic goth witch look, try out some black lipstick, such as Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uninvited. Grab your broomstick, put on some fishnets under your favorite black dress, and poof — you're a witch.

While it might be mostly grade school children who are Googling "dinosaur" this season, I would still love to see someone pull off a slutty dino look. Or you can go a different route and wear a comfy onesie and some green lipstick, such as Kat Von D's "Plan 9," a deep seafoam green.

Going as a pirate is perfect if you love rum and want a gritty outfit to match your party behavior, while a princess costume is perfect if you consider yourself royalty and feel you should be wearing a crown every day of the year. As for the ninth costume on the list, a rabbit, one has to wonder if the infamous Snapchat and Instagram bunny ear filters are responsible for the uptick in popularity.

There's no shame in using this top 10 list to help you figure out what to dress up as. However, if you want to go as something original and weird, you do you, too. That's what Halloween is all about, from basic witch to niche video game character, the holiday allows us to bring out a side of ourselves we don't share every day.

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