Charlotte Tilbury's Bar of Gold Highlighter Is Coming Back and It's Better Than Ever

You know a makeup product is devastatingly good when it's by no means inexpensive yet it's chronically sold out. A perfect example: Charlotte Tilbury's Bar of Gold highlighter. Can you find 0.15 ounces of gold-toned highlighting powder for less than $42? Absolutely. But will it contain pure gold pearls that illuminate your skin as flawlessly as Bar of Gold does? Absolutely not. And that's why it's pretty much never available. It's also why Charlotte Tilbury was inspired to create it in two more shades and package them with the original as a brand-new Bar of Gold Trio.

Launching July 9, the new Bar of Gold Trio will contain the original gold shade that offers "an instantly glamorizing touch of light," alongside a new Rose Gold hue that imparts a rosy blush, and Gold Bullion, which has a bronzing effect. Like the original, all three shades of the "wet powder" are formulated to offer a lit-from-within glow and a soft-focus effect on imperfections, creating a sculpted, lifted look. The brand recommends using "any or all of the three shades across different parts of the face to create a radiant, glossy complexion on the cheekbones, temples, nose, cupid’s bow and décolletage." They can even be used as eye shadow or on top of lipstick.

Tilbury herself calls the Bar of Gold Trio, which comes in a sleek palette, "a lustrous library of light for the face and body," but we would've been sold even without the alliteration — it looks like an absolute must-have for summer-night skin. If you agree, you'll have your chance to snag it for $58 exclusively on next Monday. Just be sure to set an alarm to remind you to shop, because if the original Bar of Gold can so easily sell out, three shades of the in-demand highlighter are bound to go quickly. You can make it especially easy on yourself by signing up on the brand's waitlist, right here.

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