Pharmacy die: that’s Why stores close

More and more pharmacies müshot schließen, especially in lärural areas. The Gründe für die the Pharmacy and what business should the policy

Trügerische Idyll: all on the pharmacist it is very difficult for a successor füto find your branch

The number is decreasing steadily: by the end of 2017, with 19 748 pharmacies the ­lowest level since dreißig years in Germany. Furthermore, fewer branches er&ouml be;opened. "If so many pharmacists no perspective more für existence as a Selbststäfull see, is not only fierce competition, but also, unfortunately, the political Rahmen­bedingungen", Friedemann Schmidt, Pr&auml stresses;President of the Federal Association of German Apothekerverbände (ABDA).

Particularly hard hit small pharmacies in strukturschwämore areas, such as Schleswig-Holstein: In no other state have been closed in the past eight years, so many pharmacies. There is now gone every tenth pharmacy. But why more and more owners give up?

Pharmacist will find neither a successor nor FachkräRTD

"The pharmacist of the baby Boomer Generation näapproaching retirement age, and often find no Nachfolger", erklärt Schmidt. Also qualified FachkräRTD as pharmaceutical-technical assistants and pharmaceutically-kaufmäFinnish employees are increasingly hard to find. Therefore, many &auml stay;older colleagues, nothing else übrig, as to your pharmacy in accordance with a decades-long commitment für the people schließen.

A development by the Ärzteschwund on the country verschäis rft. Apparently, the economic conditions keep many young pharmacists from the step in the Selbststäresistance. "Wäwhile in the Öpublic still ­always the Mär of the pharmacy prices courses, we are abgekoppelt&quot of the General economic development;, ABDA-Pr&auml regrets;President Schmidt. "No wonder that young fellow no longer have confidence in the future."

Threatening competition to The shipping trade on the Internet

In addition, it does not make policy, health insurance companies and the media, the professional proliferation of B&uuml just slightly: ;rokratie, extensive documentation requirements, high construction requirements, and always the discussion, "what it üpharmacies in General nor on-the-spot needs, where you kann&quot order today is everything on the Internet;, Schmidt says. A particularly negative impact schließa judgment of the Europäcourt of justice: In October of 2016, he had decided that ausläforeign mail-order pharmacies is not more like the German pharmacies of the uniform prices für prescription drugs keep mü.

"This is extremely unfair conditions of competition geschaffen&quot were;, Erik Modrack, Apo&shy says;counter holder from Schwalbach and delegate to the pharmacists Association of Hesse. ABDA-PräPresident Schmidt bestärequired: "To prescription drugs again ein­uniform prices herzu­make, brau­we are a General shipping trade ban für prescription drugs." 

Pharmacies receive little money from the health insurance companies

Für Modrack not &quot the shipping trade, however, the main problem: ;The Abwärtstrend 2010 started already and is on the chronic under-financing of the whole system zurückzuführen." Although the revenue of the health insurance funds were increased since 2004 to 61 percent, häwould have benefited the pharmacies of them.

Per delivered package, you will receive für prescription finished product, only three percent of the pharmacy purchase price and a Fixzuschlag in HöHey, currently 8.35 euros. The fee report by the German Federal Ministry of Economics appears against this Background as a mockery: The experts had calculated that the pharmacy fee jäannually by an average of 40 000 Euro per pharmacy reduce ließe.

"These recommendations should be implemented ever, würde the für 7600 pharmacies the economic bedeuten", Modrack says. "The fläChen coverage is not gewäguaranteed."

Suffering seniors, families, and the chronically Ill are

What is the für is the patient’s means, länot sst see currently. Victims are mainly the elderly with eingeschränkter Mobilität, the chronically Ill, in need of intensive pharmaceutical care, and young families, the night quickly help für the children need. "Especially in lärural regions gäwould be no emergency service more convenient Nähe", Modrack says. "Also the supply of urgently benöadjusted medicinal products, individual recipes, and Betäexercise means wäre gefährdet." Not to mention the safety of medicinal products and individual advice by the pharmacist on the spot.

In the medium term, many of the 160&thinsp are also;000 regional Arbeitsplätze gefä&ndash hrdet; including many family-friendly part-time. Therefore, Schmidt hopes that, in the Minister of health, Jens Spahn küin the future, a kon­to find constructive contact person: "In addition to the Beschrälimitation of the transit trade in prescription drugs, we need new models, to how meaningful zusätz­supply of services the pharmacies k&ouml be financed;can. And we need more Ausbildungs­plätze für the young."

The profession of Pharmacist müsse füyoung people are more attractive. "Without confidence in the future, we are the shipping trade soon nothing more k&ouml oppose;can." Also Modrack looks großthe need for action: "The shipping trade needs, the pharmacy will die, so then in underserved areas of the market für him entsteht", he says. "Therefore, each is eingelöth recipe is also a voice für the local pharmacy."

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