Young girl wakes up from two-week coma: 'Our Christmas miracle is happening'

Christina "Chrissy" Vandervelden woke up from a two-week coma but is still in need of prayers on her road to recovery.
(Alaina Vandervelden)

The family of a Florida teen with Cystic Fibrosis was shocked and amazed after their 17-year-old daughter unexpectedly woke up from a two-week coma last week, but say prayer is still needed.

When Christina “Chrissy” Vandervelden went into a coma, her parents, William and Alaina, both retired Navy veterans, were told to prepare for the worst, they started praying for a Christmas miracle.

On Dec. 5, with friends, family, and strangers all over the world praying, they got their answer when Chrissy woke up at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.

“When Chrissy’s parents went to see her…the nurses told them they have a surprise! Chrissy was awake! Her eyes were open, she grabs your hand and she is trying to communicate. She can answer questions by nodding her head yes or no…Our Christmas Miracle is happening! She still has a long road ahead,” their GoFundMe page read. “Please keep sharing, praying, or donating.”

Christina "Chrissy" Vandervelden at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. She woke up from a two-week coma but is still in need of prayer.
(Alaina Vandervelden)

For the Vanderveldens, the past year has been their worst year ever. Chrissy has been in and out of the hospital, and when she was home, her mother went to the hospital for West Nile Virus, and their other daughter, Alexis, has Asperger’s so caring for them has been challenging and at times, felt like they were suffering in silence.

“We take every day minute to minute, and live off hope and prayers,” Alaina told Fox News. “She still needs to get better just to be put on the list to be eligible for a dual lung transplant.”

Christina "Chrissy" Vandervelden is a talented artist and uses her work to express herself. Above are two of her pieces.
(Alaina Vandervelden)

And while it has caused them to question their faith, Alaina said her faith in humanity has been restored.

“Seeing all of the support we are getting! People that don't even know us, visiting, praying, sending cards,” she said. “It's always just the four of us…I'm starting to see that people do care, people have hearts.”

Chrissy’s family from left to right: William, Chrissy, Alexis, and Alaina. This year has been tough on them but they’ve received prayers and support from all over the world.
(Alaina Vandervelden)

The GoFundMe page to support Chrissy in her fight has raised half of the $12,000 goal to date.

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