These foods do not belong in the fridge – Video

Most Germans pack their food right after the shopping into the fridge. Simply because it is so wonderfully practical. However, this tactic is not for all food.

In the fridge, everything stays fresh longer and delicious? Error! Many foods lose by the cold, the Aroma.

This includes tomatoes. They are in the fridge quickly mealy and tasteless.

Bananas lose, however, hardly to taste. The fruits are but accustomed to the tropical heat of their country of origin. Cold injured, the cells of the fruit. This makes them brown faster.

Also, peaches and nectarines don’t belong in the fridge. There you will be dry and mealy.

It is different with Apples and pears. They are accustomed to cold temperatures and remain in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life.

Also strawberries in the fridge. You will lose a little Aroma. At room temperature, they spoil relatively quickly.

Peppers store also in the fridge. The cold ensures that the water in the cells and the Pod stays fresh. The temperature in the vegetable compartment is ideal.

Tip: to set your refrigerator temperature correctly

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