Found a way to lose weight without dieting in the workplace

In the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology published the arguments of American scientists who claim that you can lose weight by several kilograms per year without changing the usual diet. For this, experts say, you need to stand as often as possible.
The refusal of sitting in the office allows you to get rid of 3 kilograms per year without any other additional efforts, the authors of the new project said. Carrying out official duties while standing will require a more active consumption of calories from the body – this provides the effect of losing weight.
Researchers estimate that working in a standing position will cause office workers to lose an extra 54 calories per day. This will happen if you spend on your feet, and not on a chair, six hours a day. According to the head of the group of scientists, Professor Francisco Lopez-Jimenezis, this way of losing weight is especially suitable for weight-bearing men – their muscle mass allows them to do without chairs and chairs for a long time.
Weight loss, scientists say, is not the only advantage of standing up.
“In the upright position, additional muscle groups are active, which not only leads to the loss of extra calories, but also reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes,” their journal quoted.
Earlier, American scientists from the University of Georgia presented data that adding soluble inulin fiber to food, which is sold in stores with healthy food, effectively protects against the appearance of excess weight and metabolic syndrome, in which adipose tissue is intensively accumulated in the body.
In 2016, The Independent published a list of “popular” weight loss methods that have proven to be effective in scientific experiments. One of the most effective in this business was called the habit of drinking before eating a glass of water.